Atlantic County
Council for
Young Children

Improving the health and education

of infants & children


Young boy and his mom playing baseball outdoors

Much Needed Expertise

The goal of the Atlantic County Council for Young Children is to provide a platform for change in Atlantic County so that parents, caregivers, and community members can improve the health and education outcomes of infants and children up to eight years of age.

Our Services

Atlantic County Council for Young Children (ACCYC) provides parents and caregivers with essential skills and resources that benefit their children and the community as a whole. ACCYC educates families on how to advocate for themselves and their child (or children) through workshops and trainings specifically designed for their needs.

The Council provides Parent Leadership opportunities and initiatives that are community driven. Collaboration with community providers takes place to assure initiatives are addressed and that aligned outcomes are met. An ACCYC Project Coordinator is available to support and guide Council Members to help them achieve the identified outcomes to benefit Atlantic County children and their families.

The Atlantic County Council for Young Children is a program developed through Robins' Nest Inc., a private, nonprofit organization that serves children and families throughout ten different counties in New Jersey.

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